What A Truck and A Chain Can Do!

Our house has lots of private outdoor spots. I do like to have some privacy but I think the row of hedges across the front of the house seemed to close the house off too much. This is how the house looked early this summer.

IMG_6839IMG_6830So spoke with the crew that cuts the lawn and asked if they could take these bushes out. Two weeks later they showed up with a couple of trucks and some really big chains. They yanked these babies out, while they were at it I also had the bushes right under the kitchen window taken out as well. Now that spot is just crying out for a window box. But there has been a lot of work going on outside. Soffits, facia boards, and rake boards have all been replaced with azek board. Stone walls have being taken down as I write  this post. Soon the new roof and gutters will be on. And then hopefully very soon after that the beautiful carriage garage doors will be installed. So…. I'm going to live with the dirt for now. I want to first see how the house looks with the other work finished before I decide how to finish off the front yard landscaping.

I do like how much more open the house seems. Before all the focus was on the garage doors now more of the house can be seen.