New (Old) Kitchen Table

About five weeks ago I had ordered a custom made farm table made out of reclaimed wood. Last weekend we drove a little over an hour to pick it up. I was a bit anxious, I was afraid that I might not like it. But there was no need to worry, it was love at first sight! I just think it is beautiful! The boards are so full of character. And I love when you look under the table you can see how the boards looked before they were cleaned up. Now I have to find new chairs, the ones pictured aren't the most comfortable, so says my husband!


What A Truck and A Chain Can Do!

Our house has lots of private outdoor spots. I do like to have some privacy but I think the row of hedges across the front of the house seemed to close the house off too much. This is how the house looked early this summer.

IMG_6839IMG_6830So spoke with the crew that cuts the lawn and asked if they could take these bushes out. Two weeks later they showed up with a couple of trucks and some really big chains. They yanked these babies out, while they were at it I also had the bushes right under the kitchen window taken out as well. Now that spot is just crying out for a window box. But there has been a lot of work going on outside. Soffits, facia boards, and rake boards have all been replaced with azek board. Stone walls have being taken down as I write  this post. Soon the new roof and gutters will be on. And then hopefully very soon after that the beautiful carriage garage doors will be installed. So…. I'm going to live with the dirt for now. I want to first see how the house looks with the other work finished before I decide how to finish off the front yard landscaping.

I do like how much more open the house seems. Before all the focus was on the garage doors now more of the house can be seen.


The Living Room

I had been waiting to post pictures of the living room until after we had hung some pictures. But that's not going to happen for awhile, so now is as good as time as any to show what we have done so far. One of the hardest decisions was the color of paint for the walls and ceiling. I knew I wanted it to be painted  blue, but not a baby blue. I thought I finally had found the right blue, after I had painted MANY large swatches all around the walls. But after the room was painted I just thought it looked baby blue. You know how it is when you get something in your mind and you just can't stop thinking about it? I just knew I had to bite the bullet and have the room repainted.I loved the blue color that we had had painted in the back of a cupboard in the dining room, but it was a bit on the dark side. So I put that color in a plastic cup and kept adding white until I got what I thought would work. The painters took my special mix to the paint store where they custom matched the color and now I am happy with the results!

The sofa and two upolstered chairs are new, along with the cushions on the wood chairs and the pillows. I ordered customed sized seagrass rugs after reading so much about them on blogs and I just love the texture that they added. The room is large so we have the sofa and chairs at one end and at the far end we put an antique table that we had and I bought a bench for one side and we are using two wicker chairs that we had for the other side. I just can't decide on what type/kind/color of chairs to put there so the wicker ones fill in for now. It is an all purpose spot for playing games, putting together puzzles, reading the paper, and eating are all activities that have taken place there.

When entering from the front door this is what you see.

IMG_6871I'm having trouble getting a good photo with all the light that comes in the back windows. Something I need to practice!






IMG_6875And this is the view from the back to the front door. One picture with lights on, one with lights off.

IMG_6925IMG_6919Here's the sofa side. The space above the sofa is just begging for something to be hung there, just don't know what yet.


Here is a picture of the opposite side.


IMG_6898That is Arthur. I wrote about him before and how he is the best behaved dog ever. The armoire is from Europe and we bought it in Cananda a few years ago.It comes apart in pieces so it is easier to transport I have been told. When it was finally together in this spot after quite a bit of finagling  and manpower, I thought it was just too big. But my husband said it is going to stay there for a while. Maybe I have just grown used to it but I do like it there now.

Here's the all purpose table at the far end of the living room.


Here are some up close pictures of some details that I like in this room.