The Backyard

We never really had a chance to enjoy the yard when we bought the house last September, we were too busy coordinating interior renovations. This spring I have enjoyed getting to know the yard, it has been nicely planted with an assortment of trees and bushes, making it very private.

The backyard is more than large enough for our needs. I did promise the grandkids we would put in a pool when we moved. There is room for one but a test dig revealed stone at at less than 48 inches below the surface. The cost to "hob nob" the rock out can be quite considerable, so we are still working on exploring different options, like maybe raising the pool out of the ground a foot or so.

While the kids are standing out front waiting with their bathing suits and towels (Ha! Ha!) I took some pictures of the backyard. The dirt that you see in the yard is where the test dig was.IMG_6753IMG_6755IMG_6756IMG_6744



I'm not doing much in the yard this summer other than basic weeding and trimming as we will be having quite a bit of exterior work done. I hope it gets done soon as we won't have a pool put in until that work is done.

Have a wonderful day!