First Ebay Purchase

I have been looking for something special to put in a nook/niche in the kitchen. I wanted an old/antique piece. I checked antique stores in my area. I looked on Craigslist. No luck. So I checked out Ebay. There are so many wonderful things to available to buy on Ebay. I spent many hours looking and put many items on my watch and wish lists! I found a lovely old oak bookcase from France and it was the right size. The same seller had a lamp that was made from an old tin tea caddy, I bought that as well.  I spoke with the seller (his shop is called French and English Anitques) who is in Texas.  I told him this was my first Ebay purchase and wasn't sure how it all worked. He was very nice and he explained it all. He took the items to a packer and then he had the box shipped by Greyhound. As far as I understand this is the least expensive way to ship items that can't be sent by regular mail. The local Greyhound station called us when the box arrived. We picked it up from the Greyhound station Easter night. It was very well packaged but the box was too big for my car, so we had to unpack it at the station. We cut the box open and out spilled a billion packing peanuts! It was QUITE THE SIGHT, wish I had taken a picture. But, now out of the box, the bookcase and lamp fit in the car. Before we could go home with our new treasures we had to sweep up all the peanuts. Thank God the station had a broom and a dustpan we could use. It took us a looooong time, but we got every one of those stinker peanuts. It was worth it, I love the pieces I bought! Hopefully they will be in the kitchen very soon. And I will be checking Ebay on a regular basis.

Here's my first Ebay purchases.


The blue cabinet next to the bookcase in the garage is a project I'm working on for the laundry room. More about that later.