Countertop Installed!

I had thought about what kind of countertop I would want in a new kitchen long before we began the remodel. I wanted to do something other than granite. I had seen a soapstone counter in a display of a countertop company and fell in love. I did all the research one should do. I know that it is a soft material, it can chip, but you can't stain it and chips can be oiled out.  Soapstone if left in it's natural state is gray, if you want it darker, oil it with mineral oil. From what I understand the more it is oiled the darker it will get until it reaches a point of where it will be as dark as it will be and then it only has to be oil occasionally. I want mine to be dark, black really.

 The veining is what I love most about this stone, the more the better. I picked out a slab that had the most veining I could find. I checked out a couple of stoneyards to make sure I got the slabs available in this area with the most veining.

After they came to the house to template for the counter I went to the showroom to see where they would lay out the template. Good thing I did! The first time they laid the template out on the slabs much of the veining was lost. Even after we moved some pieces around some of the beautiful veining was still lost. It was explained to me that they have to keep the template pieces close together, otherwise to much of the slabis wasted. So this is what it looked like with my template pieces roughly laid out on the slabs. It looks streaky because the slabs were washed down with water so I could see the veins better and then the water began to evaporate as we worked on the lay out.

IMG_0295 IMG_2254

Today was installation day!! I have to say I was a bit, okay, a lot nervous! There have been many hiccups with this project so I was just afraid that something else would happen. But all is well and I love  it!!!


IMG_0295 IMG_2254

Look at the gorgeous veining!

IMG_2255 IMG_0293 IMG_2253

Floors get refinished in two days! I can almost smell the first meal.