Kitchen Remodel -End of Week 7 – Stressed a Bit!

Maybe the kitchen remodel is getting to be more stressful than I want to admit. I sent an email to the kitchen designer and our contractor last Sunday. Yes, on a Sunday. I never call, text, or email a contractor on a weekend day unless they have said to call them then. Sometimes our technology makes it seem that everyone should be accessible to who ever wants them, right then and there. Remember when there were not even answering machines, we just had to keep calling the person we wanted to get in touch with until they answered the phone. But I digress. . . 

So I sent an email explaining some of the issues that were keeping me awake at night. Back of the hood insert is bowed, the unfinished edge of the plate rack, no panels on the bottom of the upper cabinets, dents in the door of my new range. I asked for a meeting Monday, I received an email back from both of them quite quickly and yes they would come on Monday.

I am so happy that I am working with the kitchen designer and the contractor I have. They both want what I want, a beautiful kitchen with attention to detail. Communication is the key, we had a nice conversation and they listened well. There are solutions for all of the issues, it may delay the project as we will have to wait for some more materials to be ordered. But I feel so much better.

We are now at the end of week 7. The kitchen has been gutted, rewired, replumbed, new drywall, trim, doors, cabinets, and appliances have all been installed, most of the painting has been completed. BUT the under cabinet lighting has to be rewired as we did not discuss the type of lighting that I wanted, and what I want requires low voltage and it was wired for high voltage. The hood insert has to come out because the back in bowed. The range has two dents in the door. A couple steps backwards but still progress! Hope to cook Easter dinner at home!

This is what it looked like at the end of yesterday. I love the blue that has been painted in the back of the cabinets with the glass doors.IMG_0279 IMG_0280I had the painter use Benjamin Moore's Aura paint, it is more expensive but the finish is beautiful. Now I want to do the rest of the house over using that paint. Just kidding, well maybe not! I used Benjamin Moore in the rest of the house but not the Aura line.

And this where I was this morning.

IMG_0284The floor gets refinished in a week, then the new washer and dryer can go in.  There is an advantage of going to the laundromat though, you can get many loads done at once. Not a bad thing!