Powder Room

This room is probably my favorite now, but it really isn't used too much since the faucet has been backordered for TWO months and is still not going to be in for another couple of weeks! In the meantime I'll show some of the highlights.

First this is the before.



Wow, that tile. It had to go.

I found this lovely antique dresser.

IMG_1038I've always wanted to turn a dresser into a vanity, so after my second trip to the antique store I bought it! It came with the piece of beautiful marble on the top.

Here is the dresser in the powder room with the sink. And the marble back splash I has the fabricator make from a new piece of carrera marble. He cleaned up the old piece and "dirtied" up the new piece so now they look almost the same!


The room was wallpapered in this gorgeous paper, it is a quite old pattern from Thibault. But classics never die right?

IMG_1378Did you notice the ceiling paper too? And how about the crown molding, it just adds the right finishing touch I think.

Here are the mirrored sconces I choose for either side of the mirror (which isn't up yet!).


And then the floor, it look like tiny old bricks to me.


When we get all the finishing touches done I'll share those pictures.

Master Bath

We had the existing master bath taken down to the studs and then reconfigured the entire space. Just making decisions as to the layout, the fixtures, the tile, the colors, took me soooo much time. I never can make decisions quickly, all the choices that I am drawn to just have to roll around in my mind for a few nights or even weeks, before I can decide which is the right choice for me and the space But I am so very pleased with how it turned out.

Here are some before pictures:




And the vanity was in the dressing room:


Here's the vanity now in the space where the tub was. We just had the walls on either side of the tub taken out to give more space:


It's a cherry vanity with a Danby marble countertop and stainless moen fixtures. And the little chair is an antique, I believe every room in a house should have one piece of antique furniture, it adds something that you just can't get from new pieces. I know, the mirror looks a little strange. It's just there temporarily. I couldn't decided what to do for mirrors. If the was one that was centered over each sink the spacing between the sconces would be off. So then I thought we would just have a big mirror made and they could cut holes in the mirror for the  lights. I had someone from the  glass shop come out to measure but the next day I had a brain storm – it would look so much better I thought if there was a curve to the top of the mirror. So out they came to measure again! This time I was ready:


I made a template (a very rough template) of the shape I wanted. Still waiting to get the estimate but they said it wouldn't be too much more than the first estimate.

The shower is now where the toilet was. It is lined with small onxy rectangles that match the floor, and the floor of the shower is small squares of the onxy tile:IMG_5791

And then the toilet is where the shower was:


Not only do we need a mirror but we need to hang towel rods, toilet paper holder, and some art work. But there is a pretty little chandelier:


After the electrician installed the fixture I hung each of those crystals, even though it small in size, it is loaded with crystals!




An Update

We ended up not building a house instead we bought a house! Let me recap the last year and a half!

September 2012 – sold house we haved lived in for the past 6 years 

October 2012 – bought a 1920 large home with the intention to restore

November 2012 – came to the realization that the house we planned on renovating was too involved and there was too many issues with the house to make it a viable project

November 2012 – had discussions with a builder to demolish old house and build a new home

January 2013 – old home was demolished

January – May 2013- had plans drawn up for a new build and sourced out materials to be used

May 2013 – came to the realization that the cost to build the house that I wanted (new home that looked old) was not financially feasible

September 2013 – sold half of the lot where the old house once was (other half is still for sale)

September 2013 – bought a 1959 ranch home. NEVER EVER did I think I would live in a ranch home. but this house had an appeal that we couldn't resist as soon as we walked in. We have bought and sold many homes over the years and every single time I knew if I was going to buy the house with in the first minute or two after walking in the door

Here she is when we first looked at:


and the private backyard:


Here's some indoor shots:







There's good, bad and ugly. We have done so much since October 2013, gutted the master bath and powder room, replaced hardware, lighting, heating, electric, and much painting (painters have been here for more than 2 months). More painting to come.

None of the rooms are complete but let me show what it looked like a few weeks after we bought the house:





My next posts will show in detail the improvements we have made so far, it's starting to feel like our home!