Keeping Busy

While we are waiting for the contractor to research alternative materials that will reduce costs but still keep the look that we are going, I have been keeping busy in other areas. All the blogs I read and the ideas I pin on Pinterest have inspired me to get in touch with my creative side!

First, a project I did with the three older granddaughters. I bought 3 mason jars full of buttons from my favorite antique store.

IMG_4192Then I purchased some wooden plaques from Michaels and had the girls paint them white. I then traced the first initial of each of their names on the plaques and had them glue buttons of their choice on the lines. After, I painted the edges and then sanded to take away some of the paint and then put a light coat of white paint over the painted edges to tone down the paint a bit. Last I glued ribbon to the top so they can be hung in their rooms. I think they turned out cute!



Then I spied a shaker box that my mother had given me years ago.


It was special to me because it was from my mom but a bit too primitive for my tastes now. So I first painted it.


Like the can I used to raise it off the surface so I could paint the bottome edges easier? Then I got a fern stencil and some gold paint.


And I really like how it looks now.


IMG_4142Now I'm working on a tray that used to be a drawer from an old vanity.

IMG_4077Will post what it looks like when I'm finished. I'm having fun!

Disappointed, But Yet One Lucky Girl

We finally had a meeting with the contractor last night. The meeting we have been waiting for – the one where we get the "PRICE" of the project. I've mentioned before that I was a little worried, I've been shopping (not buying, just looking) a lot and not knowing the pricing, I just picked out what I liked and what would fit the look we are going for. The contractor calls it "the wish list". We knew that there were compromises that we would have to make but the #1 priority was to make the house look old.

Well it turns out that old = expensive!!! Way expensive!!!

I feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails. I'm somewhat disappointed in the contractor, he has known since Day 1 what we wanted. I wished he had told us how much some items were on our wish list from the beginning. The exterior detailing alone to make a new house look old is a whopping $100,000 extra!!

So now what? I have been "talking" to people on the "Building a New House" forum. They are all surprised by this extra cost as well. It seems that in the other parts of the country these materials are much more reasonable. The contractor is going to go to his supplier to see what other options are available. In the mean time I guess we talk to some other contractors, we have not signed a contract (thank goodness!) with the one we have been working with yet.

I'm feeling a bit down to say the least.

BUT when I look at the big picture, I do consider myself one lucky girl. I just celebrated one of those milestone birthdays. I didn't want to do anything other than go out for a nice dinner. So my husband said he made reservations for dinner last Thursday and he wouldn't tell me where we were going. One we got to the restaurant, there were my adult children and their spouses/significant others (minus Rich, the babysitter had to cancel last minute). We had a delightful dinner and cake! As much as I love my grandchildren it was nice to have an adult dinner. AND dinner was on the kids, it was planned for and paid by them.

I love them so!IMG_3263