That Home Site

I've have found a forum on the internet that has proven to become an invaluable resource. It's called That Home Site (it's under the Garden Web umbrella of forums). It's not as confusing as I may be making it seem! There are categories within this website for a multitude of forums, anything to do with your home or garden. For example, I check out the forum - Building a New Home – on a daily basis. There are forums for kitchens, bathrooms, windows, old homes, appliances, pools, flooring, furniture, decorating – and these are just a few under the title "The House"!  If you are doing anything on your house or are purchasing anything for your house you need to check this site out. You can post a question and you will most likely get many responses back. I've posted floor plans and elevations of our home and received so much helpful feedback. I've asked questions about windows, I've read other people's experiences regarding countertops, I could read it all day! Next year I'll be checking out the gardening forum for the new house! 

Here's the link:

Shopping Part 2

My husband and I went to an antique store today and purchased an antique lectern and a dresser both of which are going to be used in bathrooms as vanities. And man, were they a good deal!

Lectern for the half bath :


And dresser for the full guest bath upstairs:


And I am thinking of this for who knows where, but I love it!:


I think adding old pieces into a home adds some soul. I'm especially afraid that my new home will seem too new, if you get my drift! So I'm hoping that using old pieces as vanities and in other places will help take some of the "newness" away!

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

The past week I went to:

1. A lighting store

2. A granite store

3. Another kitchen cabinet store

4. A bathroom fixture store

5. A window store

6. A tile store

7. A brick/stone store

8. An appliance store

This week I will be going to:

9. Another window store

10. A millwork shop

11. Another kitchen store

And at all these stores/shops/dealers I would pick out all sorts of lovely things and the person I was working with would take note of all of my selections and then will send them on to our builder. Lots of fun for me! I LOVE to shop for things for my home more than shopping for anything else BUT I have no idea of what I'm spending!! I called the builder with my concern, no worries he says!! This whole building a house thing is so different from any other purchase situation. When you build a house, you pick out a design you like, pick out materials you like and then find out if you can afford it! And if you can't than I guess it's back to the stores/shops and dealers. 


Getting Closer

The revised floor plans we got from the architect about 2 weeks ago are just what we are looking for, but before we could give the go ahead to start the construction drawings, we needed to see the front elevation. Finally got that a couple days ago, but didn't love it like the first one:

First front elevation (LOVE IT!):


Second front elevation (Not so much love, don't like the windows!):


So off to the architect's office again, there he sketched out this proposal (it's on tracing paper and got a bit wrinkled!):


Much better! But I thought that about the last sketch, so I have to see it in a scaled drawing to make sure. It's so hard because I want to get moving (meaning, start building the house!) But need to be really sure that we are getting the house we want for what we can afford, and that involves a lot of planning and waiting. But we are getting closer to having those construction drawings!