We decided to have the house demolished.

This is not an easy task! Many rules to be followed!

And to complicate matters we just found out that our town might be passing a law in a couple of months -”delay of demolition permit” – for any house the town has deemed to have potential historical significance. If this “delay of demolition” does become a law that would mean exactly what it is called – the demolition process would be delayed! This would give time for the Historical Commission to determine if there is any way that the house could be saved. Not sure how much they take into consideration the owner’s wishes or bank account! This delay could have a great impact on us. If we do not get the house down before March 1 we can not have the tax assessment changed. We are now paying taxes on a house that is assessed at $200,000 more than we purchased it for.

And it could even get worse! In our town ANYONE can nominate a house for Historical status. During the delay of demolition time period the house could be nominated and awarded the historical status and then it could never be demolished!!! Yikes-that would really put us in a bad place. We would own a house that we do not want to restore, nor have the funds to restore to the level I would want and we would be stuck with it! Also to begin the process of demolition we will be cutting off utilities, taking out parts of the house we want to keep, and donating windows, flooring, etc. So there won’t be much of ahouse left!

So all systems go. . . have begun the process to get the demolition permit, quickly!

I’m all for preservation and have always admired those who proceed with such an undertaking. But there is also a point where the life of the building has come to an end and the costly measures to save it may not justify the end result.



This Could Be a Good Thing After All!

My husband and I bought a 1920s colonial home, one day last summer when we were on our way out of town. Talk about impulsive! We knew that all 4,700 square feet of it would need  to be rehabbed. But hey, don’t many people have a dream of doing just that? I know I did! But then reality set in. . . .

The kitchen would have to be gutted.

Along with all the bathrooms.

We were starting to think…….


I was beginning to lose sleep. The costs were mounting and we hadn’t even gotten quotes for exterior work. And really now, what would we do with 4,700 square feet?? Our three children, spouses, and six grandchildren all do live in town (lucky us!!) so we do need a roomy home, but I think we’d lose a few in this home. Then one morning I woke up with the thought “I’ve got the land!” Let me explain- I had been saying for many years that our next home would be one that we would build, but there was little if no land available where we live and we love the area we live in. So once I realized that I had 1.2 acres of land in just the area I wanted to be, it was a one of those moments when you do think, maybe this is a good thing after all!

Dream Home!

So now we are in the beginning stages of exploring the option of building a house. It’s very important to us that we build a house that doesn’t look new. Our neighborhood is full of beautiful homes that were built 60-80 years ago. This impulsive buy just might work out to be exactly what we want!